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Chase Records 2005-2014

After 9 years of dedication to underground hard and dark electronic music netlabel scene, Chase Records has stopped its activities with our last release : Chase 060 "[Deep] into The Abyss" Compilation. This means there won't be any new release in the future and we won't take new demos in consideration. Of course, the website will stay up and all our catalogue will stay 100% available for free download. The previous releases will still be promoted and shared online but we won't put out new material.

We'd like to thank every contributing artists, friends, listeners and contributors during those 9 years of pure experience in the awesome world of hard and dark electronic music.


Project :

The main goal of this free net label, created in 2005 was the promotion of Hard Electronic Music.

We wanted to release hard and / or dark stuff (EPs, Albums, Compilations, DJ Sets) in styles such as : dark & heavy Drum'n'bass, Darkstep or Techno Dnb, melancholic and soulful Ambient or IDM, down and midtempo Industrial Hardcore, Dark Breakcore, quality Techno, disturbing Dubstep, atmospheric Speedcore or Flashcore, dark Ambient and other innovative experiments.

Tracks are put online on the website (see our “Releases”, “Mixes” and “Hors Serie” pages) and also shared on peer to peer application like Soulseek. Releases are hosted on and now they can be streamed and downloaded on SoundCloud, Sonic Squirrel, Myspace, LastFM, Dogmazic and Jamendo.

Chase Records wants to help underground electronic artists to reach more listeners and get the exposure they deserve.

We can say that our main goal is the broadcasting of hard electronic music whatever the artists are newcomers or well known producers. We're only interested in music quality. So please, if you've downloaded our music : share, broacast and play it everywhere.

We can also send CD-R copies of our releases for promotional use on underground radio shows. Contact us if you're interested.

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Get in touch :

If you like Chase Records please, click the link below to enable our Facebook group profile and get informed of every news regarding the label! Thank you!


Chase Mix :

After many questions and e-mails from DJs, Chase Records Net Label decided to release mixes on the label website.

A “MIXES” section was created on the site. Every kinds of dark and hard music are welcome : Hardcore, Breakcore but also Ambient, Experimental, Industrial, Drum'n'Bass, Speedcore, Tecnho, IDM…

Disclaimer, please read... :

This « MIXES » section of our Net Label has a promotion goal for all kinds of hard electronic music. We don't want to make money or profit with the music from artists who pressed their stuff on vinyls and that's why we highly recommend to all users to keep on buying vinyls or CD's in their favorite shops.

We want to support the artists and the scene, not break them! Nonetheless, if some labels or artists don't want to see their music on our mixes, they can contact us, and we would remove the mix immediately.

Anyway, we hope that this situation will never happen! Huge respect to all artists and labels!

Feel free to contact us at


Chase Hors Serie :

After the « Mixes  section » we decided to make an « Hors Serie section » on Chase Records in order to release old self distributed CD-R or Compilations from Forums-Collective artists and multi-labels releases.